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Category Tenured academic staff
Courses Clinical Developmental psychopathology - main subject clinical psychology
Developmental psychotherapy
Case study and practicals in developmental therapy
Developmental and instructional psychology
Clinical developmental psychopathology - other main subject psychology

We also are involved as promotors of disserations and supervisors of clinical training in the master studies. Our team consists of the following staff: Guy Bosmans, Lien Goossens, Ellen Moens, Leen Van Vlierberghe en Sandra Verbeken, Wim De Mey, Paul Hamers, Els Merlevede, Benedikte Timbremont

Research We are all conducting research in the field of Clinical Developmental Psychology. Disorders of children and adolescents will be looked at from a developmental point of view, the so called developmental psychopathology approach.
Information-processing models provide a useful framework for modeling the diverse cognitive biases and distortions that appear to be operative in different types of psychopathology and for explaining the relationships among them. More specifically, we focus on a individual differences and cognitive vulnerability factors in depression in childhood, in attachment related problems and in eating disorders and obesity.
We also give special attention to the clinical implications and considerassessment and treatment (including parenting) for youngsters with depression, attachment-related problems, conduct disorders and obesity.
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