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Research The role of motivational coaching in youth sports: A cross-sectional and experimental study
My research concerns the motivational role of the youth coach. I am particularly interested in answerring the following questions:  

What are the implications of (de)motivating coaching behavior for youth athletes?

Is demotivating coaching behavior as demotivating in one situation as it is in another?

What goals should youth coaches be promoting to their athletes and how should they do it?

How can we measure motivating en demotivating coaching behaviors?

Why do youth coaches sometimes display demotivating coaching behaviors?

How can we teach youth coaches motivating behaviors?

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Recent publications Delrue, J., Mouratidis, A., Haerens, L., De Muynck, G-J, Aelterman, N., & Vansteenkiste, M. (2016). Intrapersonal achievement goals and underlying reasons among long distance runners : their relation with race experience, self-talk, and running time. PSYCHOLOGICA BELGICA.56(3).p.288-310

Delrue, J., Vansteenkiste, M., Mouratidis, A., Gevaert, K., Vande Broek, G., & Haerens, L. (2017).  A game-to-game investigation of the relation between need-supportive and need-thwarting coaching and moral behavior in soccer. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 31, 1-10. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.psychsport.2017.03.010