Joke Verstuyf (Ghent University, Main advisor): Intrinsic and extrinsic goals, body dissatisfaction and eating disorders
  Chen Beiwen (Ghent University, Co-advisor): Autonomy, cross-cultural dynamics, and need satisfaction
  Nathalie Aelterman (Ghent University, Main advisor): Motivation, physical education, teaching style

Stijn Vanpetegem (Ghent University, Co-advisor): Autonomy, parenting, rebellion

  Jolene Deeder (Ghent University, Main advisor): Need satisfaction, Eating Problems, Implicit measures
  Ellen Vannuffel (Ghent University, Main advisor): Ecological driving behavior and motivation
  Dorien Wuyts (Ghent University, Co-advisor): Controlling parenting and parnet-contingent self-esteem
  Jotie De Meyer: (Ghent University, Co-advisor): Need-thwarting teaching and motivation in physical education
  Evie Kins (Ghent University, Involved): Living situation, emerging adulthood, separation anxiety and motivation
  Lynn Vandenberghe (Ghent University, Co-advisor): Teaching style, antecedents of teaching style, motivation for the physical education class