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  Schrooyen, C., Soenens, B., Waterschoot, J., Vermote, B., Morbée, S., Beyers, W., Brenning, K., Dieleman, L., Van der Kaap-Deeder, J., & Vansteenkiste, M. (2021). Parental identity as a resource for parental adaptation during the COVID-19 lockdown. Journal of Family Psychology, 35(8), 1053–1064. https://doi.org/10.1037/fam0000895

Schrooyen, C., Beyers, W., & Soenens, B. (2019, August/September). How to avoid that parenting burns you out: on the importance of having a clear identity as a parent. In Papers 59 - Parenting, parental acceptance/rejection and psychological distress. Oral paper presentation conducted at the 19th European Conference on Developmental Psychology (ECDP), Athens, Greece.

Schrooyen, C., Beyers, W., Soenens, B., & Vansteenkiste, M. (2019, May). Parental burnout: The unique and interactive effects of general psychological need satisfaction, need frustration and parental identity. Poster presented at the 7th International Self-Determination Theory Conference (SDT2019), Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands.