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Research Sabine Sypré is a doctoral student in the Department of Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences (joint PhD, both at the University of Ghent and Leuven).

Her main research interests are in gifted education, motivation and self-determination. She is particularly interested in issues concerning underachieving gifted students. Sabine is a ECHA-Specialist in Gifted Education and is currently cooperating in the research valorization of Project TALENT, a research project on motivation of gifted students in Flanders.

Sabine studied civil architecture and engineering at UGent and worked as an architect engineer for 20 years. Because her four children turned out to be highly gifted, she got interested in giftedness and completed the ECHA-Specialist in Gifted Education training at the Radboud university of Nijmegen.
After starting her own business in counseling gifted children and their parents and training teachers in gifted education, she got the opportunity to start a PhD in Psychology at UGent and KU Leuven in Octobre 2018.

She is presently conducting an intervention study on the effectiveness of a program she developed when she was working with gifted underachieving adolescents in her own practice. Sabine’s other research work concerns the effectiveness of teaching strategies on the motivation of gifted students.
Doctoral project

Enhancing motivation and engagement of cognitively gifted secondary school students

This PhD project has two overarching goals. First, to investigate the role of teacher support (motivational and instructional) in the motivation and engagement of cognitively gifted students, and, second, to investigate how underachieving gifted students' motivation and engagement can be improved using a counseling program.

These aims are addressed in three studies.
Study 1 is a survey study among teachers and students examining perceived teaching strategies and their (perceived) effectiveness in enhancing motivation and engagement for cognitively gifted and typical students.
Study 2 is an intervention study aimed at determining whether a classroom intervention based on Bloom’s taxonomy, first, is effective in supporting teachers to integrate higher level questioning into their lessons, and second, makes a difference for the motivation and engagement of the cognitively gifted students.
Study 3 is a counseling intervention study employing a repeated mixed methods single case design. The intervention is designed for underachieving gifted adolescents and involves one of two modules, based on the Achievement Orientation Model and the Pathways to Underachievement Model. Effects on students’ competence and value beliefs, their motivation and engagement and perceived underachievement will be assessed.

By collecting supportive evidence for the effectiveness of these teaching and counseling interventions, the present doctoral project addresses the potential role that teachers and (school) counselors can play enhancing motivation and engagement of cognitively gifted secondary school students, and in preventing and reducing their underachievement.

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