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  • Valcke, B., Van Hiel, A., Onraet, E., & Dierckx, K. (2020). Procedural fairness enacted by societal actors increases social trust and social acceptance among ethnic minority members through the promotion of sense of societal belonging. Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

  • Valcke, B., Van Hiel, A., Van Roey, T., Van De Putte, B., & Dierckx, K. (2020). Societal Actors Shape Collective Identities of Minorities: Procedural Fairness Climate Effects on Identification, Subjective Well-Being and Psychological Health. Social Justice Research, 1-27.

  • Onraet, E., Van Hiel, A., Valcke, B., & Van Assche, J. (2020). Reactions towards Asylum Seekers in the Netherlands: Associations with Right-Wing Ideological Attitudes, Threat, and Perceptions of Asylum Seekers as Legitimate and Economic. Journal of Refugee Studies.

  • Dierckx, K., Valcke, B., & Van Hiel, A. (2020). Do Minorities Perceive Procedural Fairness Merely in Terms of Ethnic Bias Suppression? Evaluation of the Concept of Fairness in Multicultural Conflicts. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.