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Recente publicaties  Van Assche, J., Noor, M., Dierckx, K., Saleem, M., Bouchat, P., de Guissme, L., Bostyn, D. H., Carew, M., Ernst-Vintila, A., & Chao, M. M. (in press). Can Psychological Interventions Improve Intergroup Attitudes Post Terror Attacks? Social Psychological & Personality Science.

an Assche, J., & Dierckx, K. (in press). Attitudes towards Outgroups Before and After Terror Attacks.Terrorism and Political Violence.

Dierckx, K., Valcke, B., & Van Hiel, A. (in press). Do Minorities Perceive Procedural Fairness Merely in Terms of Ethnic Bias Suppression? Evaluation of the Concept of Fairness in Multicultural Conflicts. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.